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Surprise as Students are more Relieved than Upset about the end of K and T

Archana Senthilkumar

A wave of relief spread through the college as the two giants of the academic year ie Kurukshetra and Techofes drew to a close, with the concert on Feb 14th. After months of preparation and hard work, the teams behind these two events are certainly glad of the load off their backs. But more than...



Techofes Day 0

Akshaya Raju, Ashwini Velmurugan

The 69th edition of Techofes, South India's largest cultural fest commenced with a bang on 3rd March, 2016. The inauguration ceremony was held at 6:15 p.m at the Main Gallery amidst the enthusiastic crowd and the warm sunset adding a sparkle to the glistening stage. The grandiose dias, the...


Aalaap raju

Juggling bass and vocals – in conversation with Aalaap Raju

Giridharan Raghu

With the sound checks done and things set for the gala Concert Night of Techofes 2017, on 6th March, the man with the rich voice, Aalaap Raju, was taking a break before the actual concert began, when we had a chance to talk to him on everything from his college days to his success. Here’s what...



Mesmerising smiles, songs and answers – interview with Ramya NSK

Aishwarya Valliappan

A huge smile is what strikes you first when you meet her. A hearty and infectious laugh presides the conversation and her voice, which has won her recognition, fame and glory, are enough to leave you mesmerised. With an enthusiastic smile we sat down for a conversation backstage and it’s safe to...



Soup Concert and Boost with Balaji - A Grand End To Techofes'15

Muthu Kumari

This Valentine’s day, anyone at CEG grounds would have forgotten about proposals made and rejections received, thanks to the Pro Show that night, the last night of Techofes ’15 and the best! I must say that the night would be very memorable for all those who attended RJ Balaji’s “ Boost with...