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The Alumnus Column: Brand CEG

Aahir Giri

During my college days (and this was basically until three months back), the CEG tag was always a pride. You’d stand out literally anywhere you go, starting from a quiz or a symposium where your peers would look up to you, to a professional cricket field where they mock you by saying, “CEG? Then...


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The Alumni Column: Becoming An Adult

Aahir Giri

Moving from college to work is a huge transition in life. Especially when you come to a new city, everything is a new experience. Everyone would have made friends in college, but you’ll start learning to use a new term, colleague, which fundamentally means the same - people who you hang out...


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The Alumni Column #6: Grown-up

Archana Senthilkumar

Adult? Looks everywhere around me* Wait, You looking at me? In response to this article, Sure 18 means you are legally an adult. But when do you really feel like an adult?   Yes, you can be working. I’m thankful for the paycheck and the weekends, but that doesn’t stop me from complaining about...



The Alumni Column: Homecoming

Aahir Giri

When I started my job in July, a lot of my colleagues immediately took a few days or an extended weekend off to go to their respective colleges for their convocation. I knew Anna University would delay it, and like hundreds of other people, I thought it should happen as soon as possible so that...


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The Alumnus Column: Get LinkedIN!

Abraham John

The following article is contributed by Abraham John, CSE, Class of '15, College of Engineering, Guindy. As many of you are closing in on placements, there will be many tips that you get from peers, teachers, well-wishers and so on. There is one point they usually miss out on and that is the...