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Grad School Diaries #4: B.Tech in AC Tech, Masters in TU Delft - Amit Koikkarah Aji

Namratha Munish

With another academic year coming to an end, a feeling of dread would probably be setting in with students especially those in their third year. What next? Should I sit for Placements? Should I attempt any of the Competitive Exams? Can I pursue a Masters abroad? Should I even continue with...



Grad School Diaries #3: Prashant Anantharaman

Tejal Satish

“GRE, MS in US, IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL – your dream, ambition or future? Prashant Anantharaman , now across the bridge calls out the strategy.” Right from the  beginning of 3rd year, which is the 'high time' to appear for GRE, you will start being  haunted by nightmares about how to land with an...


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The Grad School Diaries #2 – Ezhilarasu Goutham

Shreya Vaidyanathan

Many of us may dream of pursuing our higher education abroad, but Goutham Ezhilarasu has managed to safely secure his place in UCLA, one of the top ranked institutes in the world. As a EEE student who just completed his engineering this year from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University,...



Grad School Diaries #5: B. E in CEG, Masters at Cornell - Badri Vaidhyanathan

Tharunya Danabal

As one more Vijayadasami passes by, there ought to be a natural (or forced) inclination towards aiming higher in terms of educational expertise and academic excellence. Here is an interview with Mr. Badri Vaidhyanathan, an alumnus of CEG, who has successfully completed Masters in HR from Cornell...



The Grad School Diaries #1 - Nathanael Koilpillai

Shankhari Swaminathan

  Meet Nathanael Koilpillai, an ECE alumnus from the Class of 2014, College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. With numerous admits in hand and a full-scholarship from KTH Sweden, he's currently pursuing his Masters at Clemson University, South Carolina, with full scholarship. The...