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11 Life Hacks for College & Hostel Students

Deeya Kashyap

 Deeya's Deductions# 4 1. Opening bananas...backwards: You know when you're struggling to peel off a banana but try as you may, it doesn't budge? Try opening it from the other side - from the opposite end towards the stem. Works without fail ! This is actually the right way to open it,...



Things We’re Doing This Extended Holidays (through puppy pictures)

Gayathri Govindarajan

Sleeping for insane number of double digit hours.                       Start checking out the stream of new memes when it starts raining.               Worry about how much you’re worrying about the exams that you know you’re going to  mess up anyway because...



Things Students Hate - Deeya's Deductions #7

Deeya Kashyap

The topic of this article is so broad that it could practically include everything under the sun , that's exactly how many things students hate . People tend to find complaining an easier task to do than appreciating . While there are tons of things we, as students , hate , here are a few that...



Lies Students Say (to Parents)

Deeya Kashyap

Deeya's Deductions #6 Many of us believe that there is no reason or need to lie to our parents, but even as we think that, sometimes we do say things more for the benefit of our parents’ peace of mind (and also keeping in mind that we don’t want to be shouted at…) Here are some of the white lies...


Spongebob squarepants bloodshot eyes

Weird Ways in which Students Deal with Stress

Loshmitha Natarajan

The past few weeks have been nerve-wracking, with the exception of Diwali, of course. Here are some of the weird ways in which most of us deal with our stress. TYPE 1. Emotional Eaters             These people go “chomp chomp chomp” exerting all their stress onto the food they are chewing....