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November 8: The Spectacle that was!

For the last couple of weeks the date ‘8th of November’ has undoubtedly been something we all have heard recurrently. All around the world, major newspapers, media bodies, actors, musicians, politicians and of course the presidential candidates themselves have been looking at the calendar with nervo...

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IGNITE - An Event For Innovative Students

 ‘Sparks of innovation in young minds’ was the slogan for Ignite ’16 and, just as the quote reads, young students bustling with energy were gathered outside the Henry Maudslay hall, CEG, on a bright Sunday morning. Ignite, a one day science fest for school students conducted by the Department of...

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It's all about App-titude!

 “Android is the best, bro! The level of customisation is unheard of daww…” If you’re from this generation-scratch that, from this planet, then the chances that you have come across such statements are extremely high. (More so if you possess one of those elite iPhones!). But, love it or ...