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The Mornings are Dull Once More

Archana Senthilkumar

This morning, students walking into the college campus and heading to class knew something was odd. Although most had trouble putting a finger on it, for others it was down right obvious. The semester of symposiums was coming to an end and that meant the welcoming committee of traditionally...


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Breaking Bones

Mary Jeana

This is the story of a struggling engineering sophomore, diagnosed with clumsiness. Take a trip with me, to know the five badass ways to break your bones. 1. Ride a cycle: Ask your parents to buy a new cycle for you and your sibling. Take the newly bought cycles directly to a park for a test...


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Dhoni’s Sudden Retirement gets Extreme Reactions

Archana Senthilkumar

  A number of mourners were seen at an impromptu candle light vigil at Kotturpuram yesterday evening in honour of now former test Captain MS Dhoni. Tears were shed and many spoke of and remembered his greatest achievements on the field. “He was truly an inspiration to a whole new generation of...


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Surprise as Students are more Relieved than Upset about the end of K and T

Archana Senthilkumar

A wave of relief spread through the college as the two giants of the academic year ie Kurukshetra and Techofes drew to a close, with the concert on Feb 14th. After months of preparation and hard work, the teams behind these two events are certainly glad of the load off their backs. But more than...



Student aces exam thanks to canteen breakfast

Siddharth S

                      In one of the most extraordinary events that has ever happened on campus, today a 3rd year student (who wishes not to disclose his identity for the moment) claimed that he aced his “Computer Graphics” assessment thanks to the canteen. Sounds outrageous, doesn’t...