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Nurturing classical arts on campus

            An initiative dedicated to promoting the Indian classical dance and music in CEG - SAPTHAM, is sponsored by the Alumni Association of Anna University who are deeply interested in spreading classical music and dance amidst the college go...

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Freshers' Day at CEG

With only a week into college, the freshers couldn’t have asked for a better welcome. The first event of the year, the freshers'day, organized by the Students Association and Arts Society (SAAS) of CEG was a trailer on what to expect in the forthcoming years at Anna University. The exuberance and gl...

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Exclusive Interview with Amitash Pradhan

From founding Theatron during his Masters, he has shot off into stardom while following his heart. Read on for excerpts from a exclusive interview with our alumnus, Amitash Pradhan, of VIP fame:How did the movie break happen?Founding Anna University’s ‘Theatron’, directing five plays and...